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Vinataba - Philip Morris


Our employees are one of our greatest strengths and the key to our success as a company. 
Our diverse global workforce hails from all corners of the globe.

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Vinataba - Philip Morris compensation and benefits


At PMI you broaden your horizon in every sense. Working across regions, roles and disciplines. Mastering new skills that keep you moving ahead. It’s learning on the job at a whole new level.

We support and develop you, while you pass your know-how on to others. You experiment, learn from mistakes and succeed. You have a voice, a view – one that expands the more you learn. Together, we don’t wait for the future to be created, we define it. Together we make an impact.


• Key and common benefits of the company:

 Competitive compensation program:

Here @PMI, we understand that compensation plays an important role in employees’ motivation and job satisfaction, even though it is not the only factor. We acknowledge that compensation impacts on retaining productive employees, which is critical to running a successful business. Therefore, we ensure that our employees value the salary they have and are continuously motivated by competitive compensation policies. We offer our employees:

•Highly competitive salary

•13th month salary 

•15 paid annual leave per year 

•Incentive bonus at certain levels of career development

International Opportunities:

Who said that you can only expand your horizon with a backpack? Your future colleagues represent more than 100 different nationalities and speak over 80 languages. So even in your home country, you will always feel like part of a truly global team at PMI. Still have the uncontrollable urge to cross the globe? Grab the chance to work in one of our 60 worldwide offices and learn the skills that open doors in a whole new location. Some of our employees get to travel quite a bit, others choose a path that lets them work in their preferred location. 

So what are you waiting for?

 Private medical insurance for you and one family member, plus a Sports membership:

We value you, and we want you, each one of our employees, to have a good health to work and learn in this fast-pace environment. We partner with Gras Savoye Willis Vietnam, one of the best insurance brokers in Vietnam, to make sure that we provide you with the best assistance possible.

We also understand that sports is a great means of relaxation after hard-working hours. We believe that modern equipment and facilities provided at Intercontinental Hotel Saigon could satisfy you. Enjoy working out!

Care and Humanity Working Environment:

Kim Hoa‘s story: “You’ll find employees like us kicking back at many happy hours. Everyone, including our bosses, can sit in a cubicle in our open and colorful office space. We love our pantry where coffee, tea, juice and milk with snacks are daily available; where we have lunch together; where we enjoy conversations during break-time. We love our kid-zone where children are taken care of when their parents are held up at work. We love the way the office is organized. But more importantly, we love the people and the culture here, where we, no matter who we are, employers or employees, are much appreciated and motivated every day for our development.”

Recognition Programs:

PMI’s reputation comes from the sum of our individual actions. Every year, we celebrate the talents of the people here as we pull along together to achieve our ambitious goals. Most importantly, our behaviors are at the core of how we work at PMI. They are the foundation of our culture, our focus, and our success both as individuals and as a company. When individuals’ behaviors stand out in the company, we show our sincerest appreciation and gratitude so that they could be motivated to continue to accomplish greater things. Recognition Programs at PMI include such as Above and Beyond the Call of Duty (ABCD) Awards and 7 Key Behaviors Awards.

 National Commercial Conference (NCC):

Linh Thiện‘s story: “As a newly-recruited member of the company, I felt so much bonded and engaged with the culture here after National Commercial Conference (NCC) last May. When it comes to work, this is a truly target-and-achievement-driven organization. But when it comes to hanging out, we freely throw ourselves out among one another and enjoy ourselves to the fullest. I was surprised at how the management team of such a big corporation could be so friendly and open.”


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